Sky Replacement in Photoshop- fixing edges with Sky Brush

Sky replacement, better edges

I have created a few tutorials on Sky replacement in Photoshop already. I’ll add a list at the bottom of this tutorial.

One thing you may have noticed, the edges sometimes have a hazy glow around them. These is a tool, that very few people know exist, let alone use and that’s the sky brush. This short video tutorial and written step by step Photoshop tutorial shows you how to replace a shy and fix the edges.

To change the sky choose Edit>Sky Replacement

Choose a different sky to change the sky (full tutorial on sky replacement here)

The haze looks good on the horizon, but it doesn’t look good up against the sides of the house.

If you look at the Sky Replacement panel, you will see the sky Brush on the top left

Run it around the edges where you want to remove the haze.

You can see how it affects the edge here. Press the [ or ] keys to resize the brush.

What about areas such as the post? We need to do the opposite.

Rather than paint in sky, we want to remove the sky overlay from these areas.

To remove sky, hold down the alt/option key and paint in the image.

The brush has color detection, so keep the central cross hairs in the areas you want to effect.

Here we have painted around the image and cleaned it up.

Photoshop uses a mask and remembers the mask you edited.

Choose other skies and notice you mask is remembered and you don’t have to use the brush each time you change the sky

When you apply the sky, you will see a layer stack. This is the mask we have been brushing on.

After a little color adjustment, here is our final sky swap.

Here are links to more of my sky replacement tutorials that go more in depth in the settings and also how to load and find more skies etc.

Sky Replacement Basics

Sky replacement in Photoshop, getting free skies

Ultimate sky replacement tutorial 

I also have some free skies to give you as part of the Photoshop Vault. (If you are on our mailing list, you already have access and don’t need to sign up again look near the bottom of each newsletter for a direct link to download all the goodies)

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