Powerful selections and effects in Photoshop with Quick Masks

One of the best kept secrets in Photoshop is Quick masks. It’s funny because this tool is so important that Adobe included it on the bottom of the tool bar. So why don’t more people use them, or even know about them? My theory is, Quick Masks have been around forever and many of us have used them for years. Because they have been around so long (like many great tools in Photoshop) there hasn’t been an emphasis on them, like the newer tools like object selection. As such, they have slid under the radar for younger users and trainers, because no one talks about them. I think that’s why so many of you love it here at the OG photoshopCAFE (this is our 21st year and still going strong). Anyway, check out some of the cool things you can do with Quick mask in Photoshop and don’t forget to come back here often, for a healthy mix of breaking (news) Photoshop new tools and some of the more established ones that still quietly rock your socks off.


At the very end of the video, the result of the final project doesn’t show, this is it here

I’ll add some written steps when I get time.

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