Page Peel effect in Photoshop, Surreal Composite, peel back the night

Surreal composite, page peel in Photoshop as well as day to night and combining layers

This Photoshop tutorial has it all; How to make a page peel, how to turn day into night, blending layers, how to cut out a person and add highlights and a whole lot more. Sometimes, a project like this is a great way to combine different techniques and learn how they all fit together. The hardest part for me, is coming up with ideas. If you guys have any ideas for composites, please drop them in the comments.

Here is the video that shows the tutorial

The pictures used come from Adobe Stock, you can grab them here.

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How to make”peel back the night”

There are a few steps in this tutorial. It’s all covered in detail in the video. I’ll give you timecode here, so that you can use this as an easy reference to come back to in the future, and jump to where you need.  if you need to remember how it all goes ?

1:00. Open the images

1:40  Cut out the man and flip the image, so that he is facing the right

3:50  combine the photos so that the man is in the background.

5:03 Drop in the night sky

8:18 Blend the sky into the ground

8:25 Use a LUT adjustment layer to turn day into night

9:59 Use a mask to paint away the night in certain areas, to make it look like there is light shining on the man

12:31 Make the Page peel effect on the sky.

17:00 Cleaning up. Masking out his hands and some final color correction.

All of this is covered in the video!


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