LIVE FROM LOCKDOWN Ep.10: Fix My photo

In this live stream, Colin Smith shows how to do creative processing of a photo. We are going to look at adding lighting and changing the look of photos as well as removing distractions, butting out and a whole lot more. This special episode, Colin fixes YOUR photos!

What is Live From Lockdown?

Each week Colin Smith has been going live on youtube. We do a live Photoshop show. This includes tutorials, tips, challenges, prizes, Q+A and interaction in the chats.

This was started as a way for us to get away from the madness of the global lockdown for an hour a week. It s a time where the and the Youtube CAFE Crew Family all come together. This happens every Thursday at 1pm Pacific time.


Im going to share each weeks replays here along with a copy of the chats. Its a lively chat!

I will also include the time when the tutorial starts, so if you aren’t watching live, you can skip the personal discussions and get right to learning. You really should join live if you can, its a LOT of fun and there are hundreds of us all coming together in community.


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