Easily wrap art on clothing, new feature in Photoshop split warp

How to wrap anything in Photoshop with new features in split warp. Written steps and video tutorial.

Have you ever tried to wrap something on an image such as a T-shirt? And it’s very difficult to make it look like the artwork is really on the clothing. We have all seen ads, where the art was clearly photoshopped onto a t-shirt and look completely fake. This tutorial will show you how to make artwork fit clothing perfectly, or anything really.

Adobe dropped some new features last week inside Split Warp, to make it easier to wrap images around objects in photos in a very realistic way. Let’s look at that right now. Check out th quick video above and use these written steps as a quick reference.

Download image used here (Part of the Adobe Stock free collection). 

New split warp features in Photoshop 2021

We will drop a Photoshop logo onto his shirt.

So let’s go into the Library.  I’ve just got a Photoshop logo that I found online (you can easily google one, or use your own logo or design – thats the idea really.) Just drag in the logo from the library, or from a separate file using edit>place embedded.

Scale and rotate the logo into a rough position and size.

adding image to photo in photoshop

Change the blending mode to Multiply.

Notice how it’s starting to blend in a little bit better and let’s take opacity down a little bit (85%). There we go.

add photo from library in photoshop

So here you can see some of the texture, but the Photoshop logo needs to warp to fit it.

Now I’ve got other tutorials, on other tools such as displacement maps, Puppet warp and liquify. Each tool has its place. In this tutorial we are using warp.

Ctrl/Cmd+T  brings up free transform.

photoshop manipulation

Right click and choose Warp.

You should see a grid (maybe not till you start to warp, depending on your settings) . If you choose the gear icon at the top, you can also change the settings of the grid.

make image look like its on a shirt

Drag the grid to shape it a little bit.

,ake image fit clothing

One  of the things we can do is we can drag these points and we can move the individual points. You can grab these little handles to warp the shape.

Drag a point, notice how the other side moves with it. It’s always been a problem.

One of the new features is if you hold down the Alt or the Option key and you click on the point, it separates the handles. And notice now we can just move that one side.

Alt/Option click on the point again, to toggle the way it works.

Alternatively, right click and choose Convert warp anchor point to do the same thing.

new feature to seperate handles on photoshop warp

Now, if we want to split the grid, hold down the Control or Command key and just move over it. And notice that we can just create a new division when we click.

use warp handles to map image

And why don’t we create another one close to it? And then tuck the other point underneath, and that’s going to give us a little bit of overlap.

wrap logo on tshirt

photoshop warp grid

Let’s see how that’s looking. Just click on the background layer and we can see, okay, this is looking quite good.

wrap image it photo

I’ve got more things I want to do with this tool in future tutorials. Let me know if you’re interested in that, and let me know underneath in the comments if you find these new changes useful.

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