20 Photoshop 2020 Tips that you probably don’t know and should!

Here are 20 (ish) Photoshop tips that you really need to know, These Photoshop 2020 tips (most work on any version) will save you time and make it really easy to do things that you thought were hard. I love time-saving tips.
In the last post, I gave you 20 tips which were part of the 30 Photoshop tips for Photoshop’ 30th birthday. This part is the next 10 as well as 10 bonus tips, so if you also look at the previous tutorial and this, there are 40 official Tips, but I snuck in a fews extras, so its really 50 Photoshop tips. That’s a lot of tip and tricks. I really hope you enjoy them. You might have to bookmark this page, because you will need to watch them all more than once.

Part 4 Photoshop Tips here

Check out the first 2 sets of Photoshop tips here

I hope this little tutorial saves you lots of time.

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