Changes to the 2014-2015 Photo Essay Competition

photoessaycompetitionWe are requiring anyone entering this year’s projected photo essay competition to submit his/her completed essay one week in advance of the competition. This does not apply to essays in print or book format, it applies only to projected essays.

The competition date is Wednesday April 29, 2015. Projected essays must be received by April 22, 2015. Essays received after that date may not be allowed into competition. NO projected essays may be submitted on the competition night. Sorry, the limitations of my Internet connection and mail service DO NOT allow me to accept your essay as an email attachment; any such emails will be deleted.

This is a significant departure from our past practice with respect to projected essays; and while this new requirement may seem burdensome, the increased volume of essays makes handling them at the competition meeting impractical. Additionally, this new procedure allows for the early detection of any technical problems. Such a problem in a previous year resulted is one essay not receiving the quality showing that it deserved. You should include with your submission an email address or other contact info where you can be reached, if we need to contact you.

The media on which you submit the projected essay will be held and returned at the competition night – April 29. Your essay must be submitted in it’s ready to project form. The projected essays will be shown using a PC computer as they have been in the past. If using ProShow I suggest you select both the “start maximized” and “no menu” options during production. The computer being used will have the Quicktime Player installed. You should not make any assumptions about the presence of any other prerequisite software on the system.

If you wish to present using your own computer you may do so. However, all the projected essays that have been consolidated onto the club’s computer will be shown first to avoid having to switch computers frequently. If using your own computer, you bear all responsibility for connecting to the projector and audio system.

Please submit your essay by bringing it to a meeting in advance of the deadline. You may also mail it to me at the address below if you choose. If you have any questions, please email them to our Photo Essay Group mailbox at [email protected]  Please do not email me using the SPS list.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Connie Frisbee Houde
Photo Essay Group Chair