The Luba Ricket Creativity Award

We are excited to announce a new award and competition for members celebrating the stunningly creative work of beloved member, Luba Ricket.

Luba is an ambassador gently drawing photographers to her and our club. In a world of round pegs and round holes – and the occasional square peg, Luba is a butterfly. She defies categorization – quietly moving among us with a smile here and a word of encouragement there, making us better artists and a stronger community.

And all the while she creates works of startling originality. While we work at creating professional quality prints, Luba crafts tableaux with her signature flipped images on used coffee filters. While we explore software and apps she is constructing three dimensional illuminated models.

The initial competition will be held May 10, 2017. Winners will be announced at the banquet in June.
As a “creativity award,” members are encouraged to push the boundaries of photographic expression. Your entry is limited only by your creative imagination. Members are encouraged to submit unusual techniques, unusual subjects, triptychs, diptychs, books, videos, 2D and 3D works, etc.

Entries may have been created at any time and two items may be submitted. If you are presenting a video or slide show you will be asked to provide it in advance of the competition evening as we do with photo essay.

Pilar Arthur-Snead will judge. We have also asked Helen Honczak Onofrio, Luba’s sister, to be a second judge.
Awards and prizes will include two donated by Luba including her “Flippin Albany Triptychs” and a Polaroid pinhole kit.
For questions please contact: Jennifer Wilkerson or Connie Frisbee Houde.