Selling The Photo Books You Create in Lightroom

You guys know I’m very big on printing Photo Books from Lightroom. I love everything about them — I love picking the images that will make the book; I love the creative process of putting them together, I love getting the book, but there’s another level of love you can unlock — selling your photo books online. I know, you’re thinking it’s complicated, but it’s so not, because the whole Lightroom/ thing is set up to sell your Photo Books from the start.

You’re going to be shocked at how easy this is.

ABOVE: When you’re doing building your Photo Book in Lightroom Classic (this feature isn’t available in the ‘cloud’ version of Lightroom), you click the “Send Book to Blurb…” button at the bottom of the right side panels. It compiles your back and sends it to for printing and (wait for it…wait for it…) selling online!

ABOVE: Once your book is done uploading (it doesn’t take too long), it asks you right up front if you want to order a printed book, or do you just want to sell it online (you can do both if you like, and you can also make an eBook version of your book available to buy, for the iPad or Android tablets). In our case, we’ll hit “Set up to sell” (as shown above).

ABOVE: After you fill out a form with the standard stuff (who the author is, description of the book, etc.), you can click on the “Sales Channel & Pricing” tab up top and this is where you choose where you want to sell it (you can even chose to sell it on if you like), you get to choose your paper quality and see how that affects your cost per unit, and then you get to add how much profit you want to make from each sale, and it calculates the final price (as shown above).

I wanted to share this today because I know a lot of folks out there would love to have their photography work for sale, and this is a way where there is really no up-front cost to you, and you’re up and running. Come on, that’s pretty cool, and I hope you give this a serious look, cause this is pretty darn well put together, and it could be a really great opportunity.

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Have a super kick-butt weekend everybody. Stay safe, and I hope to see you here next week! ?


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