One of My “Most Used” Lightroom Classic Shortcuts

It’s a really easy, but a really helpful one, too. It’s how to see an instant side-by-side before and after of your image. Like you see above. The shortcut? The letter “y.” That’s it. Y gets you into that side-by-side and pressing Y one more time returns you to your normal view. Hope you found that helpful.

Next Wednesday night — an Evening with Joe McNally

We are thrilled to announce a special after hours event at next week’s Photoshop World Conference – “An Evening with @JoeMcNallyPhoto” where Joe will share his insights and experiences photographing the Tokyo Olympics. It. Will. Be. Amazing!

I took the Platinum Award in Travel Photography at the Muse International Awards

The whole story (and my shot that won) is over on my daily blog at

Thanks for stopping by, everybody. Looking forward to seeing a whole bunch of you next week at Photoshop World on the Lightroom Training Track! Have a great weekend!


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