How To Get The New Portrait Masking Features on Lightroom Mobile

You knew there’d be a workaround to get these new amazing AI portrait masking features over on your mobile advice, and you probably knew it would be Terry White that would figure out how to make that happen. This is pretty brilliant, but there is one catch: it only works on Apple mobile products: the iPhone and iPad – for some reason, it doesn’t work on Android devices. But, if you’re an IOS user, this is pretty darn clever. Check it out:

Thanks, Terry. Very clever. ?

First Look at On1 Effects 2023

ON1 software just released major updates to their plug-ins, including my favorite, On1 Effects 2023. I did a video showing all the new goodies (below), including the cool new AI features and how to use them. This is the plug-in I use for my finishing moves (I know a lot of you here already use it, too), and I’m super digging the new features they’ve added. Give it a look if you’ve got a few minutes.

Hope you found that helpful.

Just Eight Days ‘Til The OPTICWEST Conference

I’m so psyched! I haven’t been to California since 2019, right before COVID, and I so miss all the great folks out there, and I can’t wait to be there, teaching again at the OPTICWEST conference. B&H Photo hosts it and the wild thing about this multi-day conference for landscape, travel, and nature photographers (with an all-star crew of instructors), is that you can attend in person (in beautiful Monterey – a photographer’s paradise along the Pacific Coast), or online, and either way – it’s free. All of it. The classes, the tradeshow, the whale watch – the whole nine yards, thanks to B&H Photo. All you have to do is RSVP right here. That’s it. Don’t miss out, especially when it’s free (and these days, nuthin’s free). 

Here’s the link, and I hope to see you in person in just eight days. 

Have a great weekend, everybody. Hope to catch ya here next week! ?


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