How To Get Rid Of Those Thin White Glows Around The Edges of Things

We get asked about this pretty often (including recently here in the comments), especially during our Blind Photo Critiques episodes during ‘The Grid’ when we do our monthly “Blind Photo Critiques episodes where we see these glows a lot. Here’s a short video I did this past week for the Grid since I knew I couldn’t be there. Check it out below.

Each week we’re doing a Lightroom and Photoshop tip on the show now, so if you like that sort of stuff, check it out – live every Wednesday at 1 PM ET. Here’s the link.

I’m Teaching at The Outsiders Conference This March

I am really excited about this one – it’s a landscape/nature conference out in scenic Kanab, UT. It’s 3 Full Days of Intense Photography Instruction, featuring an Exclusive Keith Ladzinski Keynote Experience. There are Round-table discussions and 1:1 Small Group Interaction. Includes a Keynote Catered Dinner and Catered Lunches, Contests, Freebies, and Image Critiques. It’s going to be a great experience, you’ll get lots of great shot, and you’ll have a ball.

It’s only $699 for the conference and I hope to see you there. Here’s the link to grab your spot.

Here’s wishing you a great MLK day. ?


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