Get right to the panel you want without having to scroll down

If you’re in the Develop module working in the Basic panel and then decide you want to jump to:

…the new Color Grading panel, just press Command-4 (PC: Ctrl-4).

To jump back up to the Basic panel press Command-1 (PC: Ctrl-1)

Press Command-2 (Ctrl-2) for the Tone Curve.

Command-3 (Ctrl-3) for the HSL/Color panel

Command-5 (Ctrl-5) for the Detail (and so on).

Pretty handy stuff, eh? Have a great weekend. Stay safe and sane and catch you here next week.


P.S. On Tuesday, the KelbyOne Flash Photography Conference 2020 kicks off (featuring the world’s #1 wizard of flash, Joe McNally), but the day before I’m doing a pre-conference workshop for people who are absolute flash photography beginners, designed to get folks up and running fast. Then on Tuesday it splits into two training tracks: one for beginners with me, and an intermediate / advanced track with Joe. Although the whole event is live (with Joe up in a studio in Connecticut and me down in Tampa), but we archive the entire conference for six full months so you can go rewatch any sessions, or catch any sessions you missed on either track.Photographers from all over have already signed up, and it’s not too late if you want to join us next week. Here’s the link for tickets and more details.

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