Carl Heilman II to speak on his Giant: 12 Months project

carl-heilman-ii-by-jeff-altmanCarl Heilman II will be speaking on our November 16th speaker night meeting. He will be discussing his “Giant: 12 Months” photography project.

“In fall of 2014, the Art Director of Adirondack Life asked if I would consider photographing the same scene in each month of a calendar year. The location was my choice, but it needed to be ‘Adirondack’, and feature lakes and mountains. After considerable thought and research, I chose a location along the Giant Ridge trail that overlooked Giant Washbowl, the Dix Range, and the Great Range, as well as Algonquin and Mount Marcy. What started as a monthly shoot quickly turned into a major project. I traveled to and photographed from this same location 35 times in 2015, capturing a wide variety of moods and conditions. From Jan 13 to Dec 30, I shot stills, video, and time lapse. The time lapse sequences perhaps best convey the diverse visual impact of this year long Adirondack experience.”