• * October’s assigned topics were carried over from April 2020 due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Members may use images taken from May 2019 thru October 2020 for this competition.
  • All other assigned topic images must have been taken after May 1st 2020.
  • Due to the inability for the Society to meet in person for the coming season there will be no Print Competition until the 2021-2022 season.
  • Assigned topics have been changed to digital format only and renamed to Digital Assignment #1 (formally Digital Competition) and Digital Assignment #2 (formally Print Competition). Both will be judged on the 1st Wednesday of the month.
Digital Assignment #1
Digital Assignment #2
October *
Fairs and Festivals
Show us a shot from a fair, festival or similar event.
Don’t go the straight and narrow, show us the curves.
Turn Ordinary Into Art
Photograph kitchen objects
What’s That Outside My Window?
Exactly what can you see out there?
Create an image with hands as the primary subject.
It’s Just TeePee
Photograph toilet paper (if you can get any) being used in ways other than its intended use.
Try your hand at one of these types of shots.
We All Stayed Home
Lockdown is (hopefully WAS) a drag so show us how you coped.
Things Broken
Things in a state of disrepair.
Photograph two things that contrast in some manner (color, shape, meaning, etc).
Back to Basics
Illustrate the Rule of Odds in your composition.
It’s Not Always What It Seems
Create an IN-CAMERA optical illusion (Do not use Photoshop).
Time of Year
Show us a time of year that is special to you.
Food Deep Dive
Create a macro image using only food.