Special Event: The Art of Seeing Adjectives, Not Nouns

Featuring Bryan F. Peterson

October 27, 2021

Are you having trouble seeing? Do you often find yourself heading out the door with the intention of capturing some really compelling images only to come back empty handed? Are you often capturing nouns and NOT the adjectives? Are you long on ideas but shoret on execution?

What is the most common problem EVERY photographer faces in everyday composition? What is the symbolism of the horizontal frame? When is the best time to shoot a vertical composition?

How does LINE, TEXTURE, PATTERN and COLOR influence compositional arrangements? Did you know that every color we see is actually ‘rejected color’? What two ‘tricks’ can be used over and over in creating compleeling landscapes? What is the ONE compositional flaw many photographers fail to overcome when shooting with their wide angle lenses? What is meant by ‘visual weight’? What area of the frame needs ALL of your attention, yet it always get overlooked? Do you ‘see’ the potential in recording some subjects as out of focus tones or shapes? Does the ‘rule of thirds’ have to really be a hard and fast rule?

This slide-talk lecture is also about jump-starting your vision with the promise of recording one compelling composition after another. Bryan is convinced that inside your camera bag a virtual gold mine of compelling compositions awaits, once you fully embrace the unique vision of each of your lenses. Learning how your lenses “see” is essential and vitally important to applying the basic principles of composition. As you will discover, ANY subject can be turned into a compelling shot, no matter how mundane. IF you apply the vast and creative principles that are offered in this lecture on seeing creatively!

This slide/talk lecture is comprised of more than 200 before and after, good/better/best examples and much of his presentation in this slide/talk lecture is based on his foure best-selling books, Learning to See Creatively, Understanding Color, Understanding Exposure and Understanding Portrait Photography.

Bryan was a successful commercial photographer from 1983 through 2003 shooting both corporate annual reports and advertising campaigns whose clients included American Express, KODAK, UPS, Phillips and Citibank.

In addition, his work has been selected seven different times by Communication Arts Photography Annual and by Print Magazine for times and was also awarded the prestigious New York Directors Gold Award.

Since 2003, he ahs written 12 photography books, in nine different languages and his best known in the photographic community as the photographer/writer of Understanding Exposure, which has sold more than one-million copies world-wide, as well as the author of best selling titles, Learning to See Creatively and Understanding Color.

His latest book, Understanding Portrait Photography, How to Shoot Great Pictures of People Anywhere, was published in August of 2020.

In addition to leading photography workshops around the world, Bryan is also the founder of the on-line photography school, bpsop.com.

See more of Byran’s “Adjectives” on is website: https://www.bryanfpeterson.com.