2020 Digital Image of the Year

We had our first “virtual” meeting last night using our new Zoom Webinar platform. For this inaugural event we had our much delayed 2020 Digital Image of the Year competition. There were 58 entries from the 2020 digital competition season and a lot of great images. Our judges were Anastasia Tompkins (www.anastasiatompkins.com) and Harvey Augenbraun (www.harveyaugenbraun.com). Two very talented photographers in their own right. The judges provided a lot of good critique and advice on the images that members found very insightful and useful. We had a total of 28 members and 5 panelists for this webinar and I think the numbers will grow as the season moves on.

The winning image is “Love Triangle” by Linda Tommasulo.

Additionally, the judges awarded Honorable Mention to the following four images.